Definition: Heavy transports in Germany

The heavy transports in Germany are the transports, which do not correspond with the weight prescriptions of the traffic authorities.

The large-size and heavy transports in Germany are the transports, which do not correspond with the prescriptions of the traffic authorities.

There are four kinds of the large-size and heavy transports:

- large-size = over-sized dimensions and a small weight (for example steel silo, tank)

- heavy transport = small dimensions and a heavy weight (for example concrete beam, crane ballast)

- large-size and heavy transport = combination 1 + 2 (for a example big exchangers, turbines, gasreactors)

- long transports = the cargo with the length over 20,00m (for example wooden beams, blades of the wind-mill towers, masts)

These transports need also the following technical permits such as §29 and §70.

Some transports (it depends on the dimensions and weight) must have an escort car BF2/BF3 or an escort car + police escort car. These all is prescripted from the road authorities in a transport permit.

Normally in Germany:

It´s not allowed to transport the heavy and over-sized cargoes in the time 06:00-08:30 and 15:30-19:00 from monday till friday. Almost all cargoes with the width over 3,20m is allowed to transport only at a night time 22:00-06:00. On the weekends it´s not allowed to transport such cargoes at all.

Usually the german transporters have a long-term permit, which they get from the local road authority and is valid for 3 years. This permit is made for the certain truck numbers (the trailer numbers are in the addition to the permit). The max. dimensions in this permit: legth 23,60m, width 3,00m, heigth 4,00m and weight 41,8 to. This permit demands a technical permit §70.

The transporter must ask for this permit (§70) by the ministry in Arnsberg (NRW) or Düsseldorf. But to ask for §70, the transporter must have an expert report for a trailer with a certain truck from TÜV (control department for the technical state). It´s valid in Germany! (

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