Spezialtransporte in Hamburg, Deutschland und Europa

Definition: Special transports in Germany

Spezialtransporte in Hamburg, Deutschland und Europa

The special/oversized transports in Germany are the transports, which do not correspond with the prescriptions of the traffic authorities.

The special transports are the transports of the cargo with the oversized length, width and height.

The special transports are for us also:

- term shipment
– difficult approach by the clients
– direct transports, for example: Scandinavia, Russia

and also transports without reloading

- transports which need the GPS navigation system
– transports with two drivers on board
– with a special equipment (air-suspension bracket etc.)
– telescoped and over-driving
– with a telescoped width 3,00-3,50m
– transports which need pemits

Overwidth – Overwidth transports in Germany and Europe

Overwidth means the width over 2,55m.

Overwidth transports need often an additional route checking, long-term/extra permits, special equipment, escort cars, police escort cars etc.

Our service for the overwidth transports is not only permits but also the arranging of the road preventive measures.

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