History –
Schwerlast Spedition Hamburg GmbH

1985 – Foundation under the name: «Seidel Schwerlast Spedition GmbH» with 3 employees and entry in trade register. The office was situated on the «back yard» of a friendly crane company. The company began as a pure forwarding company.

1987 – The company moved into the other bigger office by Großmoorbogen and became a new employee.

1988 – The first trailer was bought – semi low-bed “Goldhofer”, used.

1989 – The first partnership was made with Norway and Sweden. The company was renamed – “SSH Schwerlast Spedition Hamburg GmbH”.

1990 – Foundation of SSH branch office in Dresden with 4 employees.

1992 – The need of the vehicles for the transports to and from Scandinavia increased. And accordingly, different special trailers were purchased together with the company “ES-GE Nutzfahrzeuge/Essen”.

1993 – The quantity of the trailers grew up to 10 units and it was just necessary to move to Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg, Neuhöfer Damm.
We have here everything in our disposal:

1. direct connection with the port Hamburg
2. enough place for the trailers and other technik
3. office space – approx. 150qm
4. maintenance shop
5. 3-axle truck MAN and 4-axle low bed Scheuerle were purchased for the branch office in Dresden.

1994 – The further partnership was built with Finland and the first transports went via Finland to Russia. Besides, it wasn´t more enough to use sub-carriers for the trucking of our own fleet. And accordingly, we purchased our own trucks and employed 3 drivers. Roland Eckart, Klaus Luzius, Reinhard Krüger and in a short time Eberhardt Böttcher began their work.

1997 – The activities of SSH expanded greatly, especially in such directions as East Europe and Russia. The personal visit in Klaipeda/Lithuania helped to ground the further contacts. The aim of this visit was to send our trailers via Baltic See with their following trucking by the local carriers to the unloading places. We closed our branch office in Dresden. 3-axle truck MAN and the lowbed trailer are in Hamburg now.

1999 – The west direction was also very important, and it was decided to organize the branch office in Bochum. Andreas Grünewald is the head of the office and is supported by Carsten Fitzek. Udo Hornig entered the company in Hamburg and joined the team successfully. Werner Wünsch is our new driver and gets his brandnew MAN 3 axle truck with lifting crane!

2000 – The next step was to make a contact with Liepaja/Latvia and St.Petersburg. In that year it was arranged the direct ferry-line to Russia, and we could built stable relations with a solvent partner in St.Petersburg.

2001 – Our fleet was expanding continuously, and now it consists of 8 trucks, 25 trailers and 3 escort cars. We have 18 employers! The first calender with the young growth Felix Bachmann appeared and all clients and colleagues were excited.

2002- 2004 – The international transports were increasing – we had to use our own technik more and more. Our own maintenance hall was built.

2005 – Since that year our truck No. 9 is on duty! Günter Heinz is in our company now. Oxana Hornig enters SSH and is occupied with russian correspondence.

2006 – The maintenance hall was enlarged and Olaf Schumacher was employed. Now we are more flexible. 4 trucks were replaced with the newest models in that year. The first truck with the digital tachograph.

2007 – We have much to do: in april we will replace the 2-axle Volvo truck with the 3-axle MAN truck with a lift-axle and automatic.

2008 – since 01.02 our office in Bochum has a new support. After 2,5 years of the training for a new profession Jürgen Rost ended his studies, passed successfully all his exams, and is working now in Bochum as a disponent. A further driver Thorsten Schulz was employed in june. First he should replace another drivers, and in september he got his own 3-axle MAN truck. Reinhard Krüger came back, and drives also the 3-axle MAN truck – now we have 8 trucks with 8 drivers! During this year we became 2 new Goldhofer trailers: 4-axle 4-times-telescoped plateu and 5-axle semi-lowbed 0,77m!

2009 the international economic crisis touched us too. The markets in Russia and in Scandinavia were broken. The transport projects were frozen, because of the minimum request for the industry goods. The prices were on the lowest level. SSH made the transports in Germany without a profit. It was a difficult time: short-time jobs, many dismissals, our transport park was reduced: 6 trucks instead of 11. Saving is a magic word!

In the autumn 2010 the world and Germany got the first positive signs. But the industrial buisiness was developing very slowly. Thorsten Schulz started to work in our company. The truck Nr.7 was replaced.

Easter 2011 the spell was broken! We have much to do: all SSH trucks are booked completely, sometimes the trucks are not enough! Now we have 8 trucks!

The Export to Russia is booming again! The transports in Germany bring a profit again!

2012 – the transports to Russia move into gear: the road-building equipments, the farm mashinery and the industrial facilities will be inquired reguler and trucked sure/of course! SSH built the new business relations and enlarged the custtomer circles in Russia. The big projects bring a lot of work with lots of fun! The new 4-axle truck began his work by SSH and picked up the new 6-axle trailer by „Goldhofer AG“ in Memmingen. Both look amazing together and they can move the heavy parts! The new energy policy/ energy revolution of 2011 didn’t come by the branch of the large-size and heavy transports: SSH got a lot of work to drive the biogas plants from Scandinavia to Germany.

2013 – our company in Bochum has the new colleague! Philipp Latza finished his training as forwarding merchant and started his work by SSH in summer of 2013. The Export to Russia runs away! SSH got the first order to Siberia „door-door“! The Scandinavia doesn’t leave behind: there are a lot of orders for the transport of biogas plants and we got the new project for the transport oft inspection pits to Norway and Sweden. Right before Christmas Frank Bachmann visited the loading place of biogas in Sweden and our longtime partner „Lille Mats AB“ in Hässleholm.

2014 We’ll keep going!

Schwerlast Spedition Hamburg GmbH -
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