Our long-term permits are valid for all our trucks and trailers!

In Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic we work together with the agents. And so that we have a possebility to get the permits practically as a local carrier.

If the dimensions are larger as in our long-term permits, then we ask for a separate transport permit. Which we will get in the shortest time as a solid and reliable transporter.

Thanks to our partners in Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland, Norway), Russia and Baltic (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia) we have the permits in our disposal practically right away!

Our partners have also such permits in their disposal. It means no loss of time by the transports.

Norway:20,00 x 3,25 x 4,15 m 50 to
Finland:27,00 x 4,00 x 4,40 m 48 to
Denmark:20,00 x 3,30 x 4,10 m 45 to
Sweden:24,00 x 3,10 x 4,55 m 45 to
Netherlands:27,00 x 3,50 x 4,00 m 50 to
Belgium:30,00 x 3,50 x 4,00 m 48 to
France:19,00 x 3,50 x 4,10 m 44 to 25,00 x 4,00 x 4,50 m 45 to streckenbezogen
Austria:25,00 x 3,50 x 4,30 m 60 to Auflieger bezogen
Main routes in - Germany: 22,00 x 3,40 x 4,30 m 57 to

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