Since 5 years in our vehicle-park:

MAN TGX “light” with 3 axles and automatic
Full capacitiy 27,5 to – less fuel consumption

We have now:

4 x MAN TGA “light” with 3 axles
3 x MAN TGA “heavy” with 3 axles
1 x MAN TGA “crane” with 3 axles and lifting crane

The new 7th 3-axle truck was delivered for MAN Tiemann in Hamburg. And the following parts will be installed:

- the additional box for chains and belts,
– the additional lamps on the roof,
– Nato-sockets,
– air conditioner.

The truck started to work on 22.11.2010

The truck Nr.8 is rolling on the streets since today!

100% equipment:

- the spetial box for chains and belts,
– the additional lamps,
– navigation system,
– standing air conditioner.

The truck Nr. 8 is here!

Our new driver starts his job with MAN TGX XXL by SSH.
There is much to do! we have 8 drivers and 8 3-axle-trucks MAN now.

All trucks have the navigation system TomTom webfleet and the digital tachograths. It helps to keep the driving time

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